Foreign Individuals

Foreign Individuals Tax Services
Your Business is Ours

We understand the challenges foreign nationals face as they embark on a journey to the US, in pursuit of a business venture. With the many challenges, Mason Accounting Services can serve as a compass, giving you the tools needed to stay compliant with the various regulations from federal to state.

Acceptance Agent Services

In recent years the IRS implemented a program that can expedite the W-7 application approval processes for foreign individuals. The W-7 is used to apply for the Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). This number is a requirement for tax filing purposes. Our professionals at Mason Accounting Services are Certifying Acceptance Agents. We can further explore this area during a consultation.

Backup Withholding Requirements

In most instances, foreign individuals are subject to US tax on US sourced income. This income is subject to 30% unless there is an exemption or reduced tax rate due to a US tax treaty. Tax rules may be different between Corporations and Partnerships. There are many moving parts to backup withholding on foreign individuals, thus at Mason Accounting Services, we invest continued education on all tax and reporting compliance matters, because it is our goal to remain a continued source of information to our foreign clients.

Tax Structures

As a foreign individual, you are limited to the type of business structure you can operate in. It’s important for foreign individuals seeking to establish a business to consult on related matters with a professional. At Mason Accounting Services we take pride in making sure that foreign individuals start off on the right foundation in the US.

Your Taxes, Simplified

We’re dedicated to our clients and will represent them in audits with the IRS, FDR, and various other local government compliance matters. Furthermore, as we prepare taxes in multiple states, we will also represent taxpayers in any state as needed.

Additional Services